How Can You Ship Your Hybrid or Electric Car (EV) Without Hassle?   

How Can You Ship Your Hybrid or Electric Car (EV) Without Hassle?   

As we think about advancement, the rapid growth of electric cars will grab our attention. These electric and hybrid vehicles come on top of everyone’s desirable lists for various advantages. But what is the shipping process of these vehicles compared to traditional cars? And what steps are necessary for shipping electric and hybrid vehicles? Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a ride! 

How are Electric or Hybrid Vehicles Different from ICE Vehicles? 

The traditional ICE vehicles need batteries to start and power the accessories when the engine isn’t working. However electric and hybrid vehicles depend on electric motors and lithium-ion batteries for propulsion. 

An electric vehicle (EV) relies only on electricity and lacks an internal combustion engine. A hybrid vehicle has the best of both worlds, with an internal combustion engine and electric motors. Both electric and hybrid models help lower the emission of fossil fuels and save transportation costs. 

What Should You Consider While Shipping Electric or Hybrid Vehicles? 

Shipping electric vehicles requires you to focus on the battery. As lithium-ion batteries bring the risk of fire to ships and aircraft, they can lead to shipping risks. However, shipping is possible with some legal considerations for EV shipping. A few necessities include battery SOC and extra documentation. EV or hybrid vehicle shipping regulations may vary by destination and can change at any time. 

What are the Steps for Shipping Electric or Hybrid Vehicles? 

You must shortlist a reputable company for nationwide auto transport and other car relocation services. The next series of steps include the following:

  1. Obtain the shipping quote for your vehicle. 
  2. Add details like vehicle location and features to receive a satisfactory estimate.
  3. Proceed to the next step by scheduling your car’s shipment.
  4. Contact the customer support team for car relocation services.
  5. Professionals will arrive and pick up your car from the location.
  6. They will transport your EV or hybrid vehicle to the location you choose.
  7. Upon damage inspection, unloading, and document signing, you can start driving. 

Have You Considered Long Distance Theories for Hybrid or Electric Cars? 

Is it a good decision to drive electric or hybrid vehicles long distance? No! Besides the eco-friendly approach, these vehicles follow the principle of regenerative braking. It helps convert the kinetic energy of the car to electrical energy and recharges batteries. That lowers the EV’s efficiency for longer distances compared to shorter ones. 

Two Popular Shipping Methods for Nationwide Auto Transport

Container Shipping– You may notice regulation differences while shipping EVs and hybrid vehicles via containers. Carries may ask for specific documentation or need a specific battery charge for nationwide auto transport. 

Ro-Ro Shipping- A straightforward approach to shipping EVs is a Roll-on Roll-off service. This shipping process includes specific vessels to drive your vehicle on and off. That removes the need for shipping containers to load your EV. It is a safer and more affordable shipping method. 

Is Battery Removal Mandatory for Shipping Electric Vehicles? 

A partial or complete removal of batteries ensures transportation safety for electric vehicles. Batteries follow a different and safe transportation route under a suitable climate. With battery removal being complex, many EV manufacturers include specialized sensors to disconnect batteries after a certain temperature. 

What’s There in the Future for Electric Vehicle Shipping?

With a consistent rise in EV and hybrid vehicle popularity, the shipping process needs advancement. Better battery packaging alternatives and autonomous transport will shape the future of the EV shipping industry.  

Meeting Your Vehicle Shipping Needs with Transparency 

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

The first thing that comes to mind while transporting our cars is the COST. Let’s accept that we love our cars and don’t want scratches and dents while transferring them. Therefore, hiring cheap car relocation services is out of the window. But the real question is approximately how much does it cost to ship a car within the USA. Usually, it takes up around $1,150 to ship a car. But the charges may range between $550 to $2450, based on your vehicle. The distance and how much protection you want also decide the shipment cost. 

Here, we will explain the car transportation cost determining factors in short. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

You must rely upon the vehicle transport services USA, but you should know the factors to assess the actual cost of the transportation. Starting with –

  • Distance

The closer the transportation location, the lesser the charge, and the charge increases with increasing distance, due to more fuel usage. 

  • Car Model and Condition

The old car models weigh more than the new ones. As the weight of the car increases, the charges will increase as well. Also, a functional car will cost less as it will require less equipment to move. However, if the car is beyond running, it will charge far more than usual. 

  • Transportation Type

Depending upon the coverage of the car, the shipping charge will differ. For instance, in the USA snowfall is very common. And cars need an enclosed trailer for secure transportation. 

  • Vehicle Height and Length

The average height of the cars is usually 57 inches and goes above. So, with an increasing height, the charge will differ. Also, high-end expensive cars are slightly longer than usual, making the shipping cost on the increasing side. 

  • Fuel Cost

The gas price fluctuates throughout the year. As the transportation is based on fuel, the charge will increase with the increasing fuel price. 

  • Time of The Year 

Shipping cars in winter costs more than other seasons. It is mainly because of the snowfall, that increases transportation fares. 

Apart from that, most vehicle transport services USA have different servicing charges. So, contacting the companies and asking for a quotation will give you a clear idea. 

How To Ship Cars In The USA?

Now that you know about transportation costs and how they differ within the USA, you should know how the shipping works.

  1. Comparing different car relocation services within your locality. Read reviews on the website, ask people around you, and seek the insurance policies of each company. 
  2. Once you choose the company, you can ask for the car relocation cost for you. 
  3. If you like the quotation, start preparing for your car shipping. Make sure to remove your personal belongings and clean the car for a proper inspection. 
  4. Check the car condition thoroughly from your end and note it down in proven documents.
  5. Once they receive your car and share the tracking, keep checking the location timely until it reaches its destination. 
  6. Once you receive your car at the destination location, inspect the car properly with your previous document before shipping to detect damages.
  7. If everything seems intact, you can confirm the shipment and close the delivery.

So, this is how you can ship your car to the USA efficiently with the help of a reliable car relocation service provider. Now that you know how much it costs to ship a car and how the shipment works- find the best agency near you. 

Common Misconceptions About Auto Transport and Car Shipping

Common Misconceptions About Auto Transport and Car Shipping

Several misconceptions surrounding auto transport make many people anxious and confused. Are you one of them? Ill-informed decisions will never make your shipping experience hassle-free. So, don’t assume anything. Research well and make informed decisions when shipping your car. 

Here are the myths that cause confusion and anxiety in the minds of many people.

Top Misconceptions About Auto Transport and Car Shipping

Here are some common misconceptions about car shipping that you should know before hiring an auto transport service:

Shippers Always Follow the Shortest Route

Don’t always expect the shipping company to follow the shortest route often suggested by your GPS. 

Sometimes, the auto transport company may take a different route due to several reasons. Of course, efficiency and customer satisfaction are the topmost priorities of responsible car shippers. 

However, they must comply with specific legal guidelines to ensure optimal safety and security on the road. 

Narrow and tricky roads and bridges are often avoided to meet these rules and regulations. Further, auto shipping services chart a route based on additional pickups and drop-offs. The only thing you must look at is the estimated delivery window. If the shipper delivers your car safely on time, don’t be obsessed with the route.       

100% Insurance Coverage for Your Shipment

Never assume that all auto transport solution providers guarantee 100% insurance coverage for your vehicle. 

All licensed companies offer insurance for their customers. Nevertheless, you cannot expect this insurance to cover everything.

Do you want to ship your car to another state? Then, consider adding extra coverage to get 100% protection. It may look like spending extra money unnecessarily, but full protection for your vehicle during transit always ensures peace of mind.  

Driving is a cheaper option than shipping 

Many people believe that driving is cheaper than shipping. Let us separate fact from fiction. Consider different variables involved with driving your car to a distant place. You must spend on gas, hotel accommodation, and food when driving. Further, the wear and tear adds to the overall cost. What about the effort you put in? In addition, long drives always involve risk factors like unexpected breakdowns and accidents.  

When you analyze all these aspects, hiring an auto transport company is the most feasible option. Forget about long hours of driving, exhaustion, added expenses, breakdowns, and accidents. Choose an experienced shipping company and know the price upfront. Then, you can relax and unwind while your car is being shipped. 

Auto Transport is not Safe 

Shippers often load numerous vehicles into large trucks or trailers. This approach causes critical safety issues. It is a common misconception that many people have. 

Don’t worry about the safety of your car when depending on a trusted auto transport company. Seasoned drivers will take care of your vehicles responsibly to deliver them damage-free on time. 

The best companies use the most advanced tools and technology to ensure optimal safety. Further, the insurance coverage will protect your rights and interests. 

Don’t believe in auto transport myths that confuse and mislead you. Never assume things that don’t bring any value. Hire a trustworthy car shipping company to meet your needs safely, efficiently, and affordably.  

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