Several misconceptions surrounding auto transport make many people anxious and confused. Are you one of them? Ill-informed decisions will never make your shipping experience hassle-free. So, don’t assume anything. Research well and make informed decisions when shipping your car. 

Here are the myths that cause confusion and anxiety in the minds of many people.

Top Misconceptions About Auto Transport and Car Shipping

Here are some common misconceptions about car shipping that you should know before hiring an auto transport service:

Shippers Always Follow the Shortest Route

Don’t always expect the shipping company to follow the shortest route often suggested by your GPS. 

Sometimes, the auto transport company may take a different route due to several reasons. Of course, efficiency and customer satisfaction are the topmost priorities of responsible car shippers. 

However, they must comply with specific legal guidelines to ensure optimal safety and security on the road. 

Narrow and tricky roads and bridges are often avoided to meet these rules and regulations. Further, auto shipping services chart a route based on additional pickups and drop-offs. The only thing you must look at is the estimated delivery window. If the shipper delivers your car safely on time, don’t be obsessed with the route.       

100% Insurance Coverage for Your Shipment

Never assume that all auto transport solution providers guarantee 100% insurance coverage for your vehicle. 

All licensed companies offer insurance for their customers. Nevertheless, you cannot expect this insurance to cover everything.

Do you want to ship your car to another state? Then, consider adding extra coverage to get 100% protection. It may look like spending extra money unnecessarily, but full protection for your vehicle during transit always ensures peace of mind.  

Driving is a cheaper option than shipping 

Many people believe that driving is cheaper than shipping. Let us separate fact from fiction. Consider different variables involved with driving your car to a distant place. You must spend on gas, hotel accommodation, and food when driving. Further, the wear and tear adds to the overall cost. What about the effort you put in? In addition, long drives always involve risk factors like unexpected breakdowns and accidents.  

When you analyze all these aspects, hiring an auto transport company is the most feasible option. Forget about long hours of driving, exhaustion, added expenses, breakdowns, and accidents. Choose an experienced shipping company and know the price upfront. Then, you can relax and unwind while your car is being shipped. 

Auto Transport is not Safe 

Shippers often load numerous vehicles into large trucks or trailers. This approach causes critical safety issues. It is a common misconception that many people have. 

Don’t worry about the safety of your car when depending on a trusted auto transport company. Seasoned drivers will take care of your vehicles responsibly to deliver them damage-free on time. 

The best companies use the most advanced tools and technology to ensure optimal safety. Further, the insurance coverage will protect your rights and interests. 

Don’t believe in auto transport myths that confuse and mislead you. Never assume things that don’t bring any value. Hire a trustworthy car shipping company to meet your needs safely, efficiently, and affordably.  

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