Many people look for a safe and affordable way to ship a car from California to Hawaii. Are you one of them? Then, you must be aware of some vital aspects. A car is a valuable possession. You don’t want to damage it when shipping, right? Read on to gain some insightful information on relocating your car from California to Hawaii:

Be Patient and Plan Well

Patience and planning are essential when it comes to shipping your car. Follow a systematic approach and make informed decisions. Then, you can make the car shipping task a hassle-free process.

Vehicle Shipping vs. Buying a New One

Is it more affordable than buying a new car? Yes, you can ship your car from California to Hawaii affordably. It is cheaper than buying a new one in the Hawaii Islands. Additionally, it is a pretty simple process. You don’t need to worry about complicated procedures.

Ship Your Car Affordably

First, you should drive your car to a port before shipping. California boasts many ports, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle/Tacoma. So, don’t worry about driving long distances to meet your shipping needs.

What does it imply? Proximity to ports makes car shipping to Hawaii easier and more affordable in California than in many other states in the USA.

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3 Different Shipping Options to Choose From

You can ship a car from California to Hawaii in three different ways. Think about your requirements and budget before opting for a suitable method.

Private Shipping Container
It is an expensive option ideally suited to ship high-end vehicles. Since you hire a private container for your car, the cost will go up. However, it offers another advantage. You can use the remaining space in the container to ship other items if needed. Most importantly, it is the safest method available to ship your car.

Shared Container Shipping
Your car is placed in a large container along with other vehicles. Moreover, you can pack other items in the interior of the car. Naturally, this shared service is more affordable than private container shipping. However, the transportation companies will start the shipping only after the container gets filled with other vehicles. What does it suggest? Shared container shipping will take much longer than opting for a private container.

RoRo Shipping
RoRo stands for Roll On Roll Off. Don’t look for a container when choosing this method. RoRo ships are vessels used to transport cargo vehicles. The first step is rolling your car into the vessel. Then, it is secured and transported to Hawaii. Finally, your car is rolled off at your preferred destination.

Roll On Roll Off is the cheapest option among the three methods available. Opt for this method if you have budget constraints. However, this method does not guarantee the same level of safety offered by container shipping options.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of shipping your car from California to Hawaii depends on four different factors. The method of shipping (Private container, shared container, or RoRo shipping) you choose impacts the price. So, choose a convenient option based on your unique needs and budget.

The price varies according to your current location and destination port. Further, choosing door-to-door pickup and delivery services will increase the cost.

Another factor that influences the price is the existing condition of your vehicle. That is to say, the cost varies for running and inoperable cars.

Also, car modifications create an impact on the expense. So, you need to be aware of these aspects while calculating the car shipping expense between California and Hawaii.

Generally speaking, the price to ship a car from California to Hawaii varies from $1,300 to $2,200.

What about the Duration of Shipping?

How long should I wait to receive my car in Hawaii? Many people look for a convincing answer to this question. Are you one of them? You must understand that weather and traffic often influence the shipping duration. Further, the method of shipping impacts the delivery time.

You can expect faster delivery when choosing a private shipping container. You may need to wait a few more days with RoRo and shared container services. Under normal circumstances, shipping may take around 7 to 14 days.

Do you want to ship your car from California to Hawaii safely and affordably? Look for a trusted and reputed shipping company to meet your needs efficiently. Reliable service providers will take your vehicle to Hawaii with a clear focus on quality, affordability, safety, and timeliness.

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