Wondering About Electric Car Charging Costs? Get the Facts!

Wondering About Electric Car Charging Costs? Get the Facts!

EVs have no intention to stop in terms of popularity and functionality. Though electric vehicles once had a premium price, things are getting affordable with today’s models. But a question repeats itself over and over: how much does it cost to charge an electric car? This question keeps bothering EV owners who want to ship their electric vehicles nationwide. So, it’s time to break things down and shed light on the matter. 

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car at Home? 

At-home charging remains a more comfortable charging method to follow. But a few things affect EV charging at home. 

The Price You Pay for Electricity 

The electricity cost for your EV varies depending on the location. Moreover, the cost may rise or fall based on when you use this electricity. You will find two different rate plans that may affect EV electricity costs. 

We have tiered plans costing more in a higher tier if you use more electricity. But time-of-use plans will demand more electricity costs at peak hours of the day. 

Mileage of Your Electric Car 

Next, you need to know the charging cost based on mileage. You must focus on the kWh your electric vehicle uses every 100 miles. That will show you the price of powering the EV. 

Cost of Buying and Installing Equipment

The charging cost of EVs also includes the one-time price you pay for equipment purchase and installation.

What’s the Cost of Charging an Electric Car at Charging Stations? 

Now comes a question: how much does it cost to charge an electric car at charging stations? This question is vital when choosing nationwide car transport in the USA or elsewhere. 

The public charging prices can vary depending on the method of expense calculation. These methods include subscription pricing, pay-as-you-go mode, or charging networks setting the price. 

Charging stations may also bill you depending on kWh use or the total charging time. Although Level 2 charging may seem common, you also have Level 3 or fast DC charging. And the costs increase with the increase in charging speed. 

How to Contact Car Transport Companies for Shipping Your EV

You must contact the best car transport companies to transport your EV across the USA safely. 

Door-to-Door Service: Choose the company that specializes in door-to-door service and ensures hassle-free delivery. These companies use the right trucks to transport your EV safely from one location to another. 

Comparing Quotes: Always compare prices by contacting multiple companies and requesting quotes. This way, you can choose an EV transport company that offers the best value for money. 

Looking at the Ratings: Pay attention to the ratings and reviews of customers online. Look at the negative reviews and see what caused such an experience. Having a complete picture (positive and negative) helps you make the right decision.

Experience in Shipping EVs: Choose a company with enough experience in EV shipment. The last thing you want is safe transportation. Experienced companies will know how to handle the batteries correctly without draining them fully. 

Equipment Usage: Always feel free to ask about the equipment they use for EVs. For example, battery monitoring systems help them to know the charging levels of your EV. Then, the use of low-clearance ramps can be helpful for loading. 

Transportation Mode: You must know if the company offers an enclosed transport. Why? That keeps your electric vehicle safe from road debris and extreme weather conditions. Although that may cost you more, it’s a worthy investment for your EV. 

Insurance: Insurance coverage is another area that you need to consider. Companies that provide sufficient coverage can protect your electric vehicle from transportation damage.  

What are the Key Takeaways? 

First, the charging cost of your EV varies depending on many factors. Even when you can charge EVs at home, the need for charging at public stations may arise. Advanced features like faster charging will increase the charging price. 

And then, we need to ship our EVs safely across the nation. That’s possible when we contact the right companies with experience shipping EVs. Feel free to ask questions to the service providers and research well before making any decision.

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