Key Insights to Ship Oversized Items: A Transportation Guide

Key Insights to Ship Oversized Items: A Transportation Guide

How to ship oversized items? Many vehicle transportation companies do not handle large or oversized items like construction vehicles, boats, and ATVs. Large furniture, appliances, and building materials can also be categorized as oversized goods. Moving these goods is more challenging and complex than shipping standard items or vehicles. Here are some key insights for transporting bulky items.

No Standard Definition for an Oversized Item

Any item that exceeds a standard shipment’s weight, volumetric, and dimensional limit is known as oversized. However, such a package does not have a universally accepted definition. The yardsticks vary between shipping companies. So, check with the transporter to learn if your item is bulky or oversized.

How do Shipping Companies Calculate the Price?

First, a shipping company calculates your shipment’s dimensional weight (DIM). How can you measure the DIM weight? Multiply your item’s width, height, and length to get the DIM value. Then, the company checks the total weight of your shipment. All shipping companies choose the higher value among these two when sending quotes. You can use the price calculator on the websites of leading companies to check the price.

Check for Additional Expenses

A shipping company‘s price calculator might not provide the complete fee for transporting an oversized item. Expenses like handling charges, surcharges, and insurance fees are often considered additional expenses. So, consult the shipping company about potential extra costs before making your ultimate decision.

Factor in Possible Time Delays and Other Challenges

Knowing the hurdles and risks associated with shipping oversized items is crucial. Add a few more dollars to your shipping budget to meet unforeseen challenges. Shipping delays are not unusual occurrences, especially with heavy and oversized items. Further, the loading of large goods or vehicles onto trucks often demands the use of specialized equipment. Therefore, it is more time-consuming than loading standard items.

Sometimes, a vehicle escort may be necessary when you ship oversized items on public roads. Then, the shipping company takes more time to organize everything efficiently and meet the existing rules and regulations. So, be prepared for potential time delays and other related challenges when planning to ship oversized items.

When you want to ship oversized items, look for a trusted shipping company with a good reputation and the necessary experience in handling bulky items. The best service providers have the trucks and expertise to move large shipments and make shipping stress-free and goal-oriented. You can always expect safe and timely delivery with trusted shipping companies.

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